• Lateral Analysis (wind shear and seismic force resistance).
  • Gravity load analysis (beams, columns, and footings).
  • Foundation and retaining wall designs.
  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) design and engineering.
  • Masonry design and engineering.
  • Timber frame construction engineering.
  • Log construction (log cabins) design and engineering.
  • Timber and log truss design and engineering. 
  • Pole structure design and engineering.
  • Fire Life and Safety (FL&S) for commercial buildings.
  • Reverse engineering of completed structures.
  • Structural forensic analysis and repair plan.
  • Specialty bolting and bracket design and engineering.
  • Special inspections.
  • Site plans.

Engineering Services

Residential and commercial plans and construction documents, specializing in International Building Code (IBC) building requirements and code compliance for the following: